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Chandler Bats in Norristown

Made in Pennsylvania

Whether its producing baseball bats, copper piping, kale chips or high-tech coatings, manufacturing is growing and changing across the state. It's all part of a larger trend of revived domestic production that's luring the next generation of high-skill workers.

Wash Cycle Laundry on the move

18 Pennsylvania Companies to Watch in 2015

As we look forward to the new year, Keystone Edge highlights a group of game-changing Commonwealth companies. Whether they're brewing beer, saving lives, making life more convenient or helping kids learn better, these startups are poised for a big 2015. 

Joshua Kinter, CEO of Kinter Homes

The Next Generation: Carrying on the family business

Taking over your parents' business can be both a tough challenge and a tremendous opportunity. Meet four Pennsylvanians who are keeping it in the family -- and the organizations that support them.

TechCelerator @ State College

Out on the Edge: Innovating in State College

The Keystone Edge team hit the road on Tuesday, meeting with entrepreneurs in State College and checking out graduation day at an awesome startup bootcamp.

Pitch Day at Villanova University

In higher ed, it's all about fresh thinking for a shifting economy

Colleges and universities across Pennsylvania are developing innovative ways to foster entrepreneurship and cultivate the next generation of startup leaders.

Penn State develops soy-based hydraulic fluid in more than 100 elevators on campus

KE-TV: Why Penn State Uses Soy-Based Hydraulic Fluids in its Elevators

A leading researcher of bio-based fuels and lubricants, who happens to be on campus in State College, helped pave the way.

Eric Darr

Pennsylvania's STEM Factor: How Higher Ed Can Help

Multiple initiatives are doing well to support and grow STEM accessibility in K-12, but one college administrator believes more can be done.

Gruber in the Penn State Alumni Sculpture Garden

Fight on Penn State: Inside the Applied Research Lab's $415M Navy Contract

It helps keep 1,000 faculty and staff and some 300 students working on big things.

State College formulating partnerships

KE-TV: State College's Sustainability Collaborations Support Growth

New bike lanes, tree plantings and composting are just a few.

J.D. Mather, Assiatnt Professor CAD and Product Design and Tracy Brundage meet in the CAD Lab at the Pennsylvania College of Technology, Penn State Williamsport

Pennsylvania to Play Major Role in 3D Printing Explosion

National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute aims to transform industry and keep PA schools and businesses on the leading edge.  

Busy taking orders at Tex Visions

Inside the TechCelerator and the Need for Speed

In less than two years, the Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Central and Northern Pennsylvania intiative has created six revenue-generating startups. Read more.

Ascent Bio-Nano

Ascent Bio-Nano

Researchers led at Penn State have honed techniques for detecting, counting and analyzing cells and pieces of DNA, a major  development for scientists and doctors looking for a way to detect cancer or HIV cells in a small sample.  Read more.


Waste Not: PA's Food Recovery Programs Spare Trash, Expense

State College Borough is among those cashing in by keeping food out of the trash.  

Brumbaugh inspects the proprietary sample fuel

Good on Paper: Roaring Spring's Innovation Means Less Coal

The 125-year old Blair County company is compressing waste from paper production into a fuel source that would reduce coal use by PA manufacturers.

Sean Race and the Acorn Area

Pennsylvania's Nanotech Players Pursuing Giga-Scale Impact

Across PA, advances in nanotechnology are developing devices that depend on particles many times smaller than the thickness of a human hair.
74 Articles | Page: | Show All
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