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Bloomsburg's OPTiMO IT looks to hire 15 more workers, expand geographic reach

A fast-growing tech company in northeastern Pennsylvania just keeps getting bigger.

Last year, Bloomsburg-based  OPTiMO Information Technology opened an additional office at the Innovation Center @ Wilkes-Barre, and committed to hiring another 30 employees over the next three years. The firm has already nearly reached that goal and is currently in the market for more than 15 other professionals.

OPTiMO's 80 employees provide specialized technology services like data security, mobile app development and database design. Its customers include corporate clients and Defense Department agencies that require top security.

"When you look at the size of the company, we're still at a size that's nimble and adaptable," marketing manager John Kilker says. "We are in a niche few can match." And along with its outposts in Florida and Washington, D.C., OPTiMO plans to open an additional office early next year in northern Virginia. That location will give the company more access to its military clients and enable it to tap more easily into the pool of workers who possess top-secret security clearances, CEO Mike Miguelez says.

OPTiMO also opened a digital forensics lab in June. This means the company can examine computers, cell phones and other devices for data that's important to employers, attorneys and government clients. "We're the only company in the area offering those services," Miguelez says. "I believe we do it on a level that rivals anyone else in the state."

Plus, OPTiMO's list of capabilities includes recovering data from automotive computer systems. This matters to insurance companies when the cause of a car accident is disputed.

Sources: John Kilker and Mike Miguelez, OPTiMO Information Technology
Writer: Rebecca VanderMeulen
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