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Category: Erie
Nov 11

Faces of Energy: Ian Smith, Standard Solar

A chance meeting meeting while waiting tables in Washington, D.C., has led Ian Smith on an improbable path back to his native Erie County, where he is selling solar across the western part of PA, including his child home.

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Oct 28

Faces of Energy: Dan Arnett, Ernst Biomass

His company is pioneering the use of switchgrass as feedstock for alternative energy, and his mission is to educate those who can someday help make that a reality. He'll even drive the tractor without air conditioning.

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Feb 4

Q and A: Carmen Scott Dawson, AdVanz LLC

This former top IT sales rep nearly lost everything when undiagnosed Lyme's disease unleashed a whirlwind of medical problems upon him. Now, the Erie native is back home engaging and empowering unlikely entrepreneurs throughout the state.

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