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MD Becker Partners brings together biotech players for roundtable


A simple task like returning a phone call in a timely manner shouldn’t be an issue for a life sciences company dealing with complexities such as clinical trials, drug research, or licensing transactions. But Michael D. Becker sees it all the time, and the former biotech CEO has seen it negatively impact a company’s ability to access capital or achieve a fair valuation.

“While effective communication is always important, it becomes even more valuable during periods of volatility,” says Becker, founder and President/CEO of MD Becker Partners, LLC, a boutique management and strategy consulting firm in Newtown, Delaware County.

That’s the impetus behind MD Becker’s inaugural life sciences roundtable and networking event, “Successful Strategies for Raising Visibility and Capital” on May 7 in Princeton, N.J. Panelists include leading investment banks, venture groups, and media. MD Becker will also release the results of its life sciences communications survey. Early findings indicate an apparent disconnect between companies and investors in terms of ranking some of the factors it takes to successfully secure venture capital or public funding.

Becker contends that communication is the key–everything from providing information to potential investors and being responsive to media inquiries–and that many companies are lacking in that category.

Becker should know, having raised in excess of $130 million in new capital for several publicly-traded biotech companies. He started his own consulting practice in November in the hopes of showing others how to increase their visibility and unlock their value. MD Becker recently added Jeffrey Martini, Ph.D., who most recently worked with the Life Science Investment Group at Ben Franklin Technology Partners.

Source: Michael D. Becker, MD Becker Partners, LLC
Writer: Joe Petrucci

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