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Glen Mills’ Unequal Technologies provides secret ingredient for Sochi Olympics

Barreling around Sochi in the upcoming Winter Olympics, snowboarders Arielle and Taylor Gold, Torah Bright and Benji Farrow, and the entire U.S. Bobsled team will carry hidden, high-tech protection produced by Glen Mills' Unequal Technologies. The snowboarders’ helmets and the bobsleds will be lined with Unequal's military-grade composite padding — an blogger recently named it the number one tech innovation of 2013.

Founded in 2008 by CEO Rob Vito, Unequal started out by producing a lighter, thinner and more flexible bulletproof vest for the military, which remains a key market. In 2011, the Philadelphia Eagles approached Vito, requesting sternum protection for an injured Michael Vick. Vick went on to get hit five times and score 59 points against the Washington Redskins — he publicly credited the product. 

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