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Erie’s CNG One Source provides one-stop-shop for natural gas-powered vehicles


Natural gas has been used as an automotive fuel since World War II; by 2011 there were nearly 15 million natural-gas vehicles around the world [Wikipedia]. But, in 2009, fewer than 120,000 domestic vehicles run on compressed or liquefied natural gas.
It's a situation Karen Teslovich, president of Erie's CNG One Source, would like to change. Billed as a one-stop shop, CNG One Source provides an array of natural gas-related services including consulting, engine conversions, refueling stations, maintenance, service and training.
Teslovich founded the company in 2011 after a career in government. In April, CNG One Source acquired a bankrupt Texas company that specialized in converting heavy diesel engines to compressed natural gas (CNG) and brought those operations to Erie.
About 80 percent of the company's work is now in diesel engine replacement, a complicated process that runs upwards of $20,000 per vehicle. But the low cost of CNG fuel makes the conversion of big-truck fleets — garbage, delivery or moving trucks, for example, that travel 150,000 miles or more per year — cost effective. The return on investment for gasoline-powered automobiles isn’t quite as compelling yet, but, according to Teslovich, “It will trickle down to the consumer level.”
Another challenge facing the industry is the relative scarcity of refueling stations. CNG OneSource has installed small, fleet-size stations and has capacity to tackle bigger projects. The company is also doing research and development towards building new CNG engines.
Sales have grown 25 percent year over year. CNG One Source now has five employees and Teslovich hopes to double their workforce over the next year.
Source: Karen Teslovich, CNG OneSource
Writer: Elise Vider

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