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Dr. Pete’s Recovery Drink is Penn State through and through


Dr. Pete’s Recovery Drink is a new chocolate milk infused with both an innovative research-based protein formula and Penn State know-how.

“Dr. Pete” is Pete Bordi, associate professor of hospitality management and director of Penn State's Center for Food Innovation. He developed a protein formula to expedite muscle recovery after workouts and prevent soft tissue injuries among athletes. Working with DuPont Nutrition and Health, Bordi analyzed research and created a formula for a new sports drink that included high-quality proteins that disseminate into the body gradually over about six hours.

“A lot of products only use one protein,” he explains. “We wanted to make the best possible fresh product fortified with the proteins that are needed. Slow disbursement of protein helps ensure muscles recover from a workout and reduces the chance of soreness and injury.”

Once Bordi finalized a protein formula, he teamed up with Tom Palchak, manager of the Penn State Berkey Creamery to turn it into a great-tasting chocolate milk. 

“Once that product went from theory into actuality, what I did was work to develop the pasteurization and the standardization of the product and determine how to blend it and incorporate all of the ingredients,” recalls Palchak. “We turned it into a drinkable product that tasted good and would stay fresh in a cooler for several weeks.”

Bordi and Palchak also collaborated with the Nittany Lions football program.

“It’s been a work in progress to get the formula correct where you had the right amount of protein and the right amount of calories in compliance with the NCAA regulations,” explains Tim Bream, director of athletic training services and head football athletic trainer. “It’s got everything in it that athletes need for recovery.”

The drink is designated as a PA Preferred product by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture because it is manufactured in Pennsylvania through a licensed milk processing plant and uses Commonwealth dairy products.

Source: Penn State
Writer: Elise Vider

Region: South Central

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