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Key Change Episode 4: Tiffany Wilson accepts a new job in an unprecedented moment


2020 was full of unexpected challenges, both here in PA and across the globe. We’re using our monthly podcast series to talk about how the state’s businesses, community leaders, and creatives have adapted, finding new ways to connect with their customers and their communities. We’re also using these conversations as a way to archive a historic time and look forward to the future.

Innovation Plaza at the University City Science Center

In this episode, we spoke with Tiffany Wilson, the new CEO of the University City Science Center in West Philadelphia. The Science Center has been around for almost 60 years, and the campus has grown into a powerful engine of growth through its work commercializing promising technologies, cultivating talent, and connecting like-minded folks, whether they be global leaders in tech or neighborhood kids hoping to hone their STEM skills. ​Wilson came on board in late summer 2020, stepping into a challenging role in a particularly challenging moment. Take a listen!


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