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We Are Here Episode 5: Everyone has a story to tell


Welcome back to We Are Here, a Keystone Edge podcast starring Pennsylvanians making their mark. This series has been created in partnership with PA Humanities, an organization dedicated to building community and sparking change. We hope these conversations will do the same. 

Speaking of building community, there are many ways to do that, and for the Adams County-based The People Project, their tools of choice are live performance and storytelling.

This year’s theme, explored during an event this past October, was “My Place at the Table.” Essays, music, and visual art pieces explored the connections between food, cultural traditions and family dynamics, while also tackling bigger ideas: Who gets a place at the table? How do you find your voice? 

To tell us all about The People Project, we’re joined by Lisa Cadigan, executive director of the Adams County Arts Council, and Dr. Rukhsana Rahman, a local physician and enthusiastic participant in the program.


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Funding for “We Are Here” comes from PA Humanities and its federal partner, the National Endowment for the Humanities, as part of the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021.

We Are Here is hosted by Lee Stabert.

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