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Yuengling Brewery in Pottsville, PA
Yuengling Brewery in Pottsville, PA | Hide Photo


Cultivating the next generation on the family farm

A new crop of Pennsylvania farmers are blending fresh ideas, entrepreneurial vision and strong agricultural traditions to reap success back on the homestead. Can they lead one of the state's most essential industries into the future?

Philadelphia-founded Artists U teaches creatives how to build a complete life

This innovative (and free) program, founded by Andrew Simonet, helps artists achieve life-work balance.

Alternate Histories: Q&A with pop artist Matthew Buchholz

A love of sci-fi kitsch led Brooklynite-turned-Pittsburgher Matthew Buchholz to populate historic public domain images with space creatures and UFOs. Now, he's gotten his hands on some old film scripts.

5 for 5: Five reasons to head to Williamsport for the Little League World Series

This Central Pennsylvania town has plenty of charms, and they're on full display every August during this international event. Check out our top five reasons to hit up the Series -- some of them may surprise you.
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Ian Roseberger of Thread International

Ian Roseberger of Thread International

City: Pittsburgh

This Pittsburgh-based company looks to solve global poverty by creating jobs -- and sustainably-produced fabrics.

William R. McCann of Dancing Dots Braille Music Technology

William R. McCann of Dancing Dots Braille Music Technology

City: Valley Forge

This Valley Forge company uses software to ease the way for blind and low-vision musicians.

Mano Thubrikar of Thubrikar Aortic Valve Inc.

Mano Thubrikar of Thubrikar Aortic Valve Inc.

City: Philadelphia

Thanks to a plea from a desperate mother, this inventive researcher decided to rethink the artificial aortic valve, making it more like the real thing.

Garry Morefield of VaxForm

Garry Morefield of VaxForm

City: Bethlehem

This Northeast PA vaccine innovator is at the helm of a growing company.





City: Scranton
Industry: Business Services,Entrepreneurship,Investment - Northeast
Gecko Robotics LLC

Gecko Robotics LLC

City: Hermitage
Industry: Advanced Manufacturing and Materials,Design,Energy,Entrepreneurship,High Technology,Investment - Southwest

438 companies and growing.

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More than one-quarter of Erie residents' paychecks come from manufacturing, including those of the region's skillful toolmakers, who maintain one of their industry's highest concentrations in the United States.

Staying true to its historic stake in transportation, Erie continues to roll out many of America's most powerful diesel-electric locomotives from GE Transportation Systems, the region's largest employer. Meanwhile, to power a spirit of innovation, Erie has become active in the research and production of biofuels.

The city also attracts tourists to the gem that is Lake Erie. Few cities in America are as famous for swimming. Presque Isle State Park extends from the city shores and includes 7 miles of beaches.  People work hard in Erie, but they also have space to sun in the sand, take a dip, cast a rod, watch for birds, or launch a boat for open waters.