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Philadelphia's Schuylkill Banks and its new over-water boardwalk
Philadelphia's Schuylkill Banks and its new over-water boardwalk - Lee Stabert | Hide Photo


Jenkintown's commercial heart makes a comeback

This tiny borough outside Philadelphia is benefitting from broader urban trends towards walkability, independent businesses and unique restaurants. Jenkintown's success reviving its town square and adjacent corridors bodes well for the region as a whole.

Eleven development projects that will pump up Pittsburgh

Boutique hotels, ice rinks, nightclubs, retail hubs and dedicated bike lanes: Pittsburgh has a lot to look forward to in the coming year. Check out our list of the city's most promising development projects.

Q&A: Laura Williams

The new president and CEO of Team Pennsylvania Foundation looks to build bridges and foster development across the state via collaboration and public-private partnerships.

National Skyline: Want to get people back to work? Fill the basic skills gap

Low-income workers often lack the basic skills needed to find a good job. To bridge the gap, experts says it's essential to invest in training. Yet despite millions of people out of work, programs are hard to find.

VIDEO: Hundreds find new ideas for their cities at inaugural Urban Innovation Exchange

In September, the Urban Innovation Exchange hosted its first convening in Detroit. Participants came from around the country -- including Pittsburgh and Philadelphia -- to turn Motor City into a marketplace for ideas.
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Joe Manzo of Brain-Pad Inc.

Joe Manzo of Brain-Pad Inc.

City: Philadelphia

This product, a next-generation mouthguard, helps prevent brain injuries in contact sports.

Drew Lakatos of ActiveProtective Technologies Inc.

Drew Lakatos of ActiveProtective Technologies Inc.

City: Allentown

Broken hips are a health crisis -- and this company is looking to solve the problem for good with a breakthrough preventative device. 

Michael Miguelez of OPTiMO Information Technology

Michael Miguelez of OPTiMO Information Technology

City: Wilkes-Barre

This IT guru wanted to live and work in his hometown of Bloomsburg, so he built a company there.

Dean Helfer Jr. of Channel Craft

Dean Helfer Jr. of Channel Craft

City: Charleroi

This entrepreneur started with boomerangs before moving on to classic American toys such as jacks, pick-up sticks and yo-yos.





City: Scranton
Industry: Business Services,Entrepreneurship,Investment - Northeast
Gecko Robotics LLC

Gecko Robotics LLC

City: Hermitage
Industry: Advanced Manufacturing and Materials,Design,Energy,Entrepreneurship,High Technology,Investment - Southwest

459 companies and growing.

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The Susquehanna River has long been a defining characteristic of Wilkes-Barre in Luzerne County and now, more than ever, it's a symbol of the city's rebirth. The $23 million River Common project, which opened to the public in 2009 on either side of the Market Street Bridge, provides city residents with an amphitheater, common areas and designated parklands for entertainment, recreation and various other public uses.

In fact, aside from its well-preserved historic architecture, downtown Wilkes-Barre bears little resemblance to the city to which coal drew thousands of immigrant workers a century earlier and was ravaged by the Agnes Flood in 1972. It has rapidly become a walkable college downtown community with a burgeoning technology sector.

The redevelopment project at Northampton and Main Streets has also played a major role, drawing 500,000 movie-goers annually to its R/C Theaters, spawning 23 new businesses and selling two-thirds of its 21 condo units in a down economy. The nation's first jointly run Barnes & Noble is evidence of the city's higher education institutions-King's and Wilkes-playing an increased role in Wilkes-Barre's development. A city once yearning for a new feel has also become the home of separate business incubators that have become highly skilled in seeding and building successful technology companies.