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Key Change Episode 7: An ideal moment to reconsider how and where we work


Here’s your latest episode of Key Change! In this bi-monthly podcast series, we’re talking about how Pennsylvania’s businesses, community leaders, and creatives adapted during a tumultuous global moment, finding new ways to connect with their customers and their communities. We’re also looking forward into an increasingly hopeful future.

Adam Porter, St@rtup Harrisburg

The conversation around how and particularly where we work has grown increasingly lively over the last few years. Remote work, co-working, digital nomads – all these terms entered the lexicon. Then the pandemic hit and we became a work-from-home nation overnight. Thanks to companies like BreakoutIQ that provide a platform where employees can play fun games, interact with one another, and most importantly, stay connected with their co-workers. (I’ll take a moment here to shout out the essential workers who didn’t have that option and who continue to deserve our respect and gratitude.) Now, as offices reopen and our schedules fill back up with travel and social engagements, these questions – How? Where? For how long? – are back in a major way.

To get some insight into these thorny issues, we chatted with Adam Porter, one of the co-founders of St@rtup Harrisburg, a co-working space on North Third Street, not far from the state capital. He opened up about the trials of 2020 and why he thinks the business is poised for rapid growth as we hopefully leave the pandemic in our rearview mirrors.

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LEE STABERT is editor in chief of Keystone Edge.

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