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Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Central and Northern PA invests more than $2.5 Million in tech startups


BEN FRANKLIN TECHNOLOGY PARTNERS is a partner in Keystone Edge. They will be sharing insights from their leadership and news from their portfolio companies in the Ben Franklin On: section. 

The Board of Directors for Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Central and Northern PA recently approved investments totaling more than $2.5 million in companies located in the Center’s 32-county footprint. While each of the companies serves different markets and are in various stages of development, they all took an important step towards turning a good idea into a business reality by applying for Ben Franklin funding.

If you need startup funding to commercialize a new product, process, or software application and are located in central or northern Pennsylvania, you could be eligible to receive our investment capital and business support services. Ben Franklin Technology Partners has been investing in tech-startups and small manufacturers for nearly 35 years. 

To learn more about the Ben Franklin program, visit our website or check out this quick video.   

Below are the newest companies in Ben Franklin’s portfolio. 

AIONX Antimicrobial Technologies, located in Hershey, developed a novel, antimicrobial technology that continuously cleans the surface of treated products such as high-touch surfaces in hospitals.

Chartlytics, LLC, located in State College, has built a science-based, SaaS web platform that provides robust and scalable precision measurement and data visualization targeting the needs of the special education and autism markets. 

ConidioTec LLC, located in State College, has developed a revolutionary, non-toxic, fungal bio-pesticide product for the control and prevention of bed bug infestations.

Device Events, located in York, synthesizes publicly available raw FDA data regarding medical device issues and turns it into a user-friendly, decision support tool that improves overall patient safety. 

Eduplanet21, LLC, located in Mechanicsburg, is a software, content, and services company that is committed to transforming professional development for K-12 school districts. The company offers a unique and innovative platform that provides planning, credentialing, and curriculum development tools. 

Ignite Ventures, located in Lititz, created an efficient, low-cost product — FixNow PRO — that offers home service contractors a cloud-based service that automates and optimizes scheduling with their customers.

Lojic LLC, located in Meadville, provides manufacturers with an analytics platform, or dashboard, that allows for the display of real-time data based on their current ERP systems. The apps are easy to use, powerful, and incorporate easily into current systems.   

Mangrove Jack Marine USA, Inc., located in Mercer, developed an innovative design for a high-quality, portable, light-weight folding boat trailer, originally manufactured and sold in Australia. The company has established a worldwide design, manufacturing, and operations center in PA.

Mason Jars Makerplace, located in Erie, has created an ecommerce marketplace that allows enthusiasts from around the world to connect while they buy and sell Mason Jar-related items. The site supports the whole culture that surrounds this ever-growing market which consists of supplemental and accessory products.

Olympus Advanced Technology LLC, located in Erie, is developing the world’s lowest-power small oscillators to be used in almost every electronic communications device sold. As these devices have become increasingly advanced, the need for a low-cost, low-power, high performance solution has become even more important.

Persea Naturals LLC, located in State College, developed a novel, natural food color additive in the yellow-red spectrum with a high-color yield extracted from avocado seeds.

PledgePlatform LLC, located in Harrisburg, is a crowdfunding software platform that allows teams and athletes to raise money for a charity based on their performance. 

Return Logic, located in Carlisle, developed a cloud-based returns management and analytics platform that provides e-commerce retailers the ability to manage and optimize their product return strategy.

Reflexion Interactive Technologies, located in Lancaster, developed a portable system that enables the rapid screening of athletes to detect indications of possible traumatic brain injury.

SAY Plastics, located in McSherrystown, re-engineers metal and FRP parts, providing thermoformed, recyclable plastic designs that deliver cost-savings, sustainability, and quality products to the automotive, rail, bus, and medical equipment segments.

TEAMology LLC, located in Chambersburg, provides teachers with an evidence-based framework that reduces behavioral issues while building character foundations that embrace anti-bullying in K-12 students.

West Arete, located in State College, created “Contributary,” a software platform for community foundations to host “giving day” events. These one or two-day programs create excitement and momentum around charitable giving online.

Xact Metal, Inc., located in State College, has patent-pending technology that supports the next generation of innovative manufacturing solutions powered by metal 3D printing.

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